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Business Manager's Report
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Outside Joining Procedure
Business Manager's Report

IBEW Convention Delegates pictured from Left: Armand Allen, Steve Davis, Josh Roberson, J.R. Albritton, Eric Morris, Drew Stover, Larry Rooks.

New procedures are in place for Outside members to join Local 84. We are requiring that appointments are made with the dispatcher for anyone wanting to join as an outside member. Local 84 won a generation arbitration.

Unit 84.11 will no longer have meetings at the El Camino Restaurant. 

MARCH 2018
Our 5th District Rep. Fielding Gurley is retiring at the end of this month; Anna Jerry will be replacing him.

APRIL 2018
The first round of GPC headquarter closures has started and it should be noted that employees in abolished jobs do HAVE rolling rights. 

MAY 2018
A commitee was formed and is reviewing the alignment of Units.

JUNE 2018

The committee is still reviewing alignment of Units and would like feed back from the local Units.

JULY 2018
Local 84 would like to thank the crews at Plants Vogtle and Scherer for their organizing efforts.

Unit 84-11 will move the September meeting to the second Tuesday of the month; September 11, 2018.