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Business Manager's Report

IBEW Convention Delegates pictured from Left: Armand Allen, Steve Davis, Josh Roberson, J.R. Albritton, Eric Morris, Drew Stover, Larry Rooks.

Contract negotiations will soon begin for the Outside Construction Line Agreement.

There are new guidelines in place for any utility lineman that wishes to travel and work outside contruction. Please contact the Hall for more information or if you wish to receive a copy of these guidelines.

MARCH 2019
The notice for the upcoming election is going out this month. Brandon Butler will serve as the election judge this year.

APRIL 2019
If you need to update your address please contact the Hall. Ballots are going out in May. The outside Contract was sent out for a vote on April 11th, those ballots will be counted on May 6th.

MAY 2019
The Officer Election ballots were mailed on Friday May 10th and will be counted on Friday June 14. 

JUNE 2019
The election results are posted on the home page. The new officers will be sworn in at the Executive Board meeting on July 12th. We want to thank all the outgoing officer's for their hard work and dedication to Local 84 over the past term. Unit 84-9 in Rome has decided to move their meeting to July 11th due to the holiday.