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Remember to keep your dues receipt current. Only members in good standing are allowed to sign the out of work books. Dues should be paid by the 1st of every month. It is your responsibility to make sure your dues are paid on time. Please don't wait until the last minute to pay your dues; allow enough time for your receipt/ticket to be mailed to you.  Dues for 2019 are $54.04 per month. Dues for 2020 will be $55.54 per month.

Local 84 has statewide jurisdiction in Georgia except the following counties: Catoosa, Dade, Fannin, Gilmer, Gordon, Murray, Walker, and Whitfield. Those counties fall under the jurisdiction of Local 175.

Make sure you are registered on ERTS (Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System) if you plan to travel and work out of any other Local Union's jurisdiction. 

Outside members should verify that their beneficiaries for their different polices (health, annuity, etc.) are updated as changes are needed due to marriage or divorce. Remember; whatever form you have on file is where your benefits will go in the event of an unexpected accident.  To help you in this process, we have listed the numbers below that you can call for new forms, or to verify who you have listed as the beneficiary. 

IBEW Pension Office - 202-728-6206   

LINECO - 1-800-323-7268             

NEAP- 301-556-4300