2791 Woodland Terrace Smyrna, GA 30080
Business Manager's Report
Executive Board
Unit Meetings
Unit Jurisdiction Map
A membership
Weingarten Rights
Outside Joining Procedure
Executive Board

Business Manager and Financial Secretary: Larry Rooks

President: Drew Stover
Treasurer: Mike Hagan
Recording Secretary: Armand Allen

Executive Board members:
Unit 84.1 and 84.15: Vacant
Unit 84.2 and 84.16: Eric Morris
Unit 84.3 and 84.8: Josh Roberson
Unit 84.4 and 84.5: Henry English
Unit 84.6 and 84.18: Steve Sealey
Unit 84.7,84.11, and 84.12: Ray Oliver
Unit 84.9 and 84.10: Ronald Denney
Unit 84.13 and 84.14 Vacant

Delegate to UCC1: J.D. Hamilton