2791 Woodland Terrace Smyrna, GA 30080
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Weingarten Rights
Outside Joining Procedure
Executive Board

Newly Elected Effective July 12, 2019
Business Manager and Financial Secretary: Drew Stover

President: Armand Allen
Treasurer: Henry English
Recording Secretary: TP White

Executive Board members:
Unit 84.1 Vacant
Unit 84.2 Eric Morris
Unit 84.3, 84.8, and 84.12 Justin Wright 
Unit 84.4 and 84.5 Vacant
Unit 84.6 Robertt E. Lee Holcomb
Unit 84.7 and 84.11 Vacant
Unit 84.9 and 84.10 Ronald Denney
Unit 84.13 and 84.14 Vacant

Delegate to UCC1: J.D. Hamilton