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Should I be an "A" member?


"BA" members  have no life insurance or pension from the IBEW. 

"A" members (in good standing for at least 6 months) have life insurance that is offered at $6,250 for a natural death, $12,500 for accidental death. An IBEW retiree's beneficiary will receive a $3,000 death benefit.

"A" members are also eligible for IBEW Pension benefits once they meet the age/year requirements. The current benefit is $4.50 per year for continuous good standing as an "A" member.

For Example: An A member in continuous good standing for 20 years is eligible for Normal Retirement at the age of 65. Upon completion of a pension application; the member will recieve $90 per month once they have retired from the electrical industry.

*"A" members must have at least 5 consecutive years in good standing at the retirement age of 65 to receive any type of pension benefit.

*If you are vested (have at least 20 years in good standing) then you may retire at an earlier age of 62. You must be 65 to receive the full benefit.

*Dues must be paid until the pension application has been accepted.

 For more information regarding the IBEW Pension Plan please visit http://www.ibew.org/Pension-Reciprocity

 “A” membership dues for 2018 for GPC or EMC employees are  $60.09 per month.

For a "BA" member to become an "A" member; the member simply needs to contact the Hall and complete a new deduction card.

In the event you wish to change your membership from an "A" member to a "BA" member, form  134 has to be signed. Please contact the office to get this form.